Senior pins 150th win

Jake Boyd wrestled to his 150th win against Moberly High School Friday, Jan. 6 at the home dual.

“I am really proud of Jake,” said Taylor Middleton, head coach. “He’s done a really good job, as all of our guys do. He has done a really good job of being a leader and it has shown by the recognition he has gotten over the summer, being a nationally ranked kid. He signed a scholarship to go wrestle at the University of Oklahoma, which is a pretty big deal.”

Boyd has been wrestling for Middleton his whole high school career.

“The coaching depends on the day, sometimes they can be really cool, nice and helpful,” said Jake Boyd, senior, “and then other days they are yelling and trying to make us get after it.”

Boyd does more than just wrestle for himself.

“Jake is always on the mat coaching me up.” said Brian Boyd, sophomore and Jake’s younger brother, “He tries to help me become better.”

While Jake is helping his teammates Middleton’s advice to the wrestlers is “go win.”

“We try to do the majority of our coaching at practice and then let them put into motion what we have worked on,” Middleton said. “You don’t have to tell a kid like Jake a whole lot; he knows what he needs to do. Jake has to be reminded to move his feet, he gets to doing other things and has to be reminded to do that, but not a whole lot we have to tell him just quick reminders like that.”

According to Sports Complex, good connections and support between teammates can lead to the highest level of success.

“For a team, I feel like we are all really close and pretty good friends,” Brian said.

Jake Boyd graduates in May and will continue his wrestling career at the University of Oklahoma.

“I really just enjoy being around the people I am with and working hard to achieve my goals,” Boyd said.

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