Cheering For a New Year

The first day of school is an important day for most students at SHS. It’s the day to figure out where your classes “are”, catch up with old friends, and establish new friendships. 


New student, Olivia Huneau, has lived in West Virginia for 8 years and then before that, South Carolina. She attended Springmill High-School in Berkeley County. She is now a junior at SHS.


“When I moved the first time from South Carolina to West Virginia, it didn’t really matter. I was too young to understand or care. But when I moved this time it was hard because I grew up with those people since the 3rd grade and I was in my second year of high school and we all watched each other grow,” said Huneau


When becoming a new student it’s not uncommon to want to get involved as much as possible and get to know the high school that you are attending. Since her move to Smithville, Huneau has gotten involved in many activities, her favorite being cheer.


“I’ve only cheered for two years and last year was my first year but before that, I was in gymnastics and that helped me prepare for cheer,” Huneau said.


Huneau was in gymnastics for 10 years before moving on to cheer after that. She attended gymnastics in Maryland at ‘4 STAR’, where she competed competitively. Getting involved was important to her as soon as she got here so she jumped on the opportunity to join the cheer team. 


“Well, it was definitely a weird process. Over the summer, my mom and I contacted the cheer coach and asked her if I could join or do a separate tryout number. She said that they already did tryouts back in April, so I thought that I wasn’t doing it which was okay with me. Then, she contacted us again and she said that she was having tryout cause they had a small JV. I tried out again and I got on Varsity so that was nice,” Huneau explained.


Moving schools and joining a new team can be an exciting yet stressful time for new students. Getting used to the way they work and learning new routines. Olivia faced these challenges when she moved to Smithville and had to the tryout for cheer. She had to learn the tryout number and tryout with it on the first day. 


“It was definitely stressful because I had to do everything the first day but it was okay because I really wanted to do it,” Huneau explained.


Smithville is a well-rounded school and has a great community. We’re ranked 2nd in the state for our school district and we have one of the lowest crime rates in the metro area. 


“I loved my old school because I’ve been there for so long but it was nice to move to a different atmosphere and meet new people,” said Huneau.


SHS has tons of new changes coming up in the future and to make that happen it starts with the students that attend here. We had 80 new students attend last year and 65 starting this year so far. We welcome new students and new people all the time. We truly can’t wait to show you what it’s like to be a Smithville Warrior.

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