End of Fall Sports

By: Amanda Holt

The 2019 Football season has treated the football boys good. With an ending record of 8-1, this season lived up to expectations.

“A lot of people expected us to do good and we played really well as a team,” said Spencer Miller, quarterback.

Under the guidance of the head coach, Jason Ambroson, the football team ended the season with a win against the Kearney Bulldogs.

“After we won that last home game the momentum took us into the postseason,” Miller said.

The team is going on to postseason and has already won the first game against Kearney. Now the team will face Platte County at Platte County this Friday.

“If we get passed this week we go to state,” Miller said.

Photo by Allison Verhulst


Color Guard-

This year the Color Guard team took home three first-place wins out of the three competitions they went to.

“A lot of teams we competed against started to get better than what they used to be, so we had to work harder but we still managed to come out first,” said Emily Newton, team captain.

Under the direction of Kristy Humbard, the color guard team is shifting to the winter guard season.

“We just had tryouts, which was stressful, but now we have a varsity and JV,” Newton said.

Ending a successful color guard season, the team is looking to keep the same winning streak for the Winter season.

“It’s a lot of practice right now and everyone is really excited for what we’re going to do,” Newton said.

Photo by Grace Albright


This 2019 Softball season is over and under Steve Tingler the team ended with a record of 22-16.

“We could have done better because our bats weren’t there, we weren’t hitting very well, if we were to hit better I think we could have gotten a lot farther,” said Chloe Williams, senior.

The team went to one District game but lost 2-1.

“Our championship literally came down to a pitching battle. Which sucks because it’s just the pitchers,” said Williams.

Photo by Angelica Matthews


Girl’s Golf-

Lead by Trevor Mosby, the golf team held their own this season.

“We made it all together to districts and Mahlee (Wohlford) and I went to sectionals,” said Brianna Lewis, senior

The team bonded together as well, which may have lead to the successful season.

“We did a bonding experience for the first time in my four years of playing,” Lewis said.

Photo by Trevor Mosby


Girl’s Volleyball-

Katy Minnix and the girl’s volleyball team ended their season with a 9-19 record.

“We definitely could have done better toward the end but I think we did pretty good,” said Corene Keele, senior.

This season was thought to have been limited by moral that the players had.

“The whole season, some people didn’t want to be there 110% so maybe (next year) encourage them to help the whole team,” Keele said.

Photo by Bella Nihart


Boy’s Soccer-

The 2019 soccer season ended in a 5-5 record, all that was needed to get John Reed and his players into districts.

“We played our first game against Kearney in which we won 2-1, which was the first time we ever beat Kearney in my career of High School soccer,” said Liam Wolfe, senior.

The road to districts wasn’t a walk in the park for the team though.

“I feel like our team started out a bit rocky, we won a couple of good games to begin with but we also lost a couple big games,” said Wolfe.

The team is now continuing with the postseason and is looking forward to what is to come.

“We also have already beat Platte County once so I think we are going to do really well,” said Wolfe.


Cross Country-

The boys and girls teams along with head coach Alex Moore sprinted their way to State.

“Both boys and girls are going to state next week. We had a really close season and bonded together,” said Makayla Ferguson, senior.

Seen around the school were pranks that the boys and girls played on each other to bond.

“We had a prank war going on between the boys and the girl’s team so that was an ongoing thing over the season,” Ferguson said.

As the team prepares for state, things are more laid back as the season comes to a close.

“They’re taking a step back and going easy and resting a little this week,” Ferguson said.


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