Heslinga’s history: An inside look on Smithville Admin

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Finding his beginnings in the little town known as Oskaloosa-New Sharon, Iowa, Chris Heslinga, current Smithville vice principal, grew up, spending most childhood and helping out around his family farm. After graduating high school, Heslinga came to Missouri to attend Northwest Missouri State, realizing about two years in, at the end of his sophomore year, that he wanted to pursue a degree in education.

Heslinga has taught and coached in various school districts between Iowa and Missouri.

Throughout his travels between the two states, he coached and first started out as an industrial technology teacher. He began his teaching career in 1986, After spending 9 years teaching and coaching between Iowa and Missouri, he entered an administration in 1995 in Iowa for 13 years before arriving at Smithville.

Mr. Heslinga entered the district in 2008 and is now one of our assistant principals here at Smithville.

“I left Iowa for the future of his kids and rural Missouri is disappearing in the employment of people so I wanted the best opportunity for employment of my children said,” Heslinga.

Throughout his time living in Smithville, his hobbies have stayed the same he loves to enjoy the outdoors and be around his family.

“The two most things I look forward to is golfing and hunting,” said Heslinga. “Taking care of the yard is not a hobby but I love doing it said.”

In addition to this, Heslinga genuinely to be around student activities. Often times, when doing his evaluations, he simply sits with students and teachers and takes in their talents, opinions, and activities. Even outside of school hours, Heslinga is a frequent audience member at Smithville student events and activities, such as plays, concerts, sports games, and even community service

“I love seeing what the students do and have a passion for,” said Heslinga. “The young men and women of this high school are great achievers, and supporting them is a privilege of mine.”

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  1. A Perkins March 6, 2019 at 5:17 pm - Reply

    So cool to see Mr. Heslinga being truthful about how our students impact us…it’s why we’re here.

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