Hidden Gems: Horror Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

By: Amanda Holt

We Need to Talk About Kevin

This 2011 film leaves you with lots of questions and a haunting feeling. Tilda Swinton plays a mother who is struggling to raise her son Kevin, played by Ezra Miller. This movie shows what may happen if a mother doesn’t connect with her child and what happens to the child as he grows into a strange young man. This movie is haunting, creepy, and one that will be thought about long after you watch it.


In 2016 the clown sightings were rampant and this film used that to its advantage. This movie follows two girls on a Halloween night as they are followed by a very scary clown. This clown doesn’t say anything the whole movie and that along with his scary makeup leaves a bad feeling in your stomach while you watch it. The plot isn’t that strong, but the clown makes up for it in fear. 


This 2015 film is odd. The first time I watched it, I was a little confused. After multiple watchings, I started to get it. This movie was made to watch over and over again because it will leave you uneasy and confused but in a good way. Following a group of rich teen girls as they invite a poor girl to hang out with them in a very expensive house. Lots of strange things happen and it’s hard to understand what those things are. This film is underrated because it is very smart and subtle with its many messages. 


This movie was made in 1977 and remade in 2018. The 1977 film is Italian, is a cult classic, and is very experimental with its style. Following a young girl going to a ballet school in Germany, she witnesses a murder her first night there. Many strange things happen and slowly her life becomes chaos as she tries to understand what is happening to her. Another film worth watching over again, it has an odd film that will make you unsettled. 

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