Horror Movie Tropes

By: Amanda Holt

The Jump Scare

We all know and love them, the building of the music and the fear of the monster that has suddenly vanished. It is a favorite because it works almost every time. The workup of adrenaline as the main character slowly walks through the spooky location and the shock of fear that we feel when the monster jumps out. It makes the horror movie fun and leaves us wanting more.

 The Abandoned Building

A location is what makes the movie. Imagine if Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was chasing the characters in a public mall. Not as scary as the abandoned farm. The creepiness of the abandoned building is already there so adding a scary villain makes the atmosphere so scary. This trope is starting to not be as common in newer horror films, but it still deserves some love as a perfect horror trope. 

Not Calling the Police

The most frustrating part of any movie is when the main characters make no effort to get help. It feels like they want to die! Horror movie characters have the WORST common sense! Of course, if our main character was smart the movie wouldn’t be as fun, but it still is so frustrating. 

The Final Girl

Usually, in a horror movie, it’s a group of teens or young adults who are running from a monster and slowly but surely, they all die off, except for one. The final girl is a trope that lets us know that our main character, who is usually female, will outlast the night and survive to tell the tale. We love you final girl. Thank you for surviving even if you didn’t call the cops.

Death of Sinful Teens

With our trope of the group of teens and the final girl comes with the ones who don’t make it. Usually, they have committed something sinful. Even though our society has been more forgiving on sinful acts, horror villains are defiantly caught in their old ways. Apparently, killers hate teens doing immoral acts, but killing is a-okay.

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