Jack Alexander : A Tale of Broken Bones

By: Alexandra Lake


Imagine doing something you love, that makes you happy. Then imagine snapping three bones at the same time. That is exactly what Jack Alexander did just three short weeks ago at the football jamboree. 

On August 23rd Liberty high school held a football Jamboree at 7:00 PM. Jack Alexander, sophomore, was preparing for a JV football scrimmage. Jack was going through pre-game with the team, stretching and preparing. Jack was feeling particularly excited for this game, it was the first full speed scrimmage against another team of the season, and Jack was more than eager to get some reps in.

It was game time, and when Jack got put in he was ecstatic. One Smithville possession, Jacks mood became transformed. The quarterback handed off the ball to Jack. Jack saw a gap and went for it, he then saw a large player from the opposing team in front of him, he then took a hard step to the left, where he got tackled. Only moments later, the weight of a huge dog pile was on the running back, leaving his right foot crushed.

“It was the jamboree, two Fridays ago and I was running the football,” Alexander said, “I kinda got tackled and my foot basically got flattened out, like someone fell on it. So it snapped three bones in the top of my foot.”

Jack suffered the pain of breaking three bones in the same foot. Not the bone connecting to the big toe, but the three after that. 

“As soon as it happened, I felt numb tingling feeling in my foot, and as soon as I took one step, it was instant sharp pain.” Jack stated. 

Since then, Jack has been working on his strong recovery. Following doctors orders, and doing as much as he can for the team. Head football coach, Coach Ambroson, expects a strong recovery from Alexander and to be to normal in a few short weeks.

“He does things right, he works hard, he is a good kid, I think he will be good as new. Up in the weights room he does all the things he can do, he’s following doctors orders.” Ambroson said.

As well as making his recovery, Jack has been attending every practice possible and helping out his team. Jack is an honorable student athlete, who does his part on the team even though he hurt it foot. He helps carries bags for the team, gives them advice, and encourages them. 

Jack is doing much better since the incident and is counting down the days until he can play again. He can’t wait to get back to the game and finish the season strong. 


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