Make-up days to be added on to the school year due to inclement weather

21st Century Media Student Submission by: Tyler Stone-Howerton

Last week Smithville students were ecstatic after getting an extra two days off due to inclement weather. Although students and staff alike were collectively enthused about having more free time, it was simultaneously announced that both cancellations will be scheduled to be made up later in the school year.

“We are required to go to school 1044 hours, and 174 days according to the Missouri Department of Education,” said Wayne Krueger, assistant superintendent for support services at the Smithville school district. “Our approved calendar has 175 days and approximately 1095 hours.”

The make up days have been scheduled for Presidents Day, a former school holiday, which falls on February 18th, as well as the currently scheduled last day of school, June 3rd.

In a news release sent out earlier this year by Krueger, it is stated that in the case that local roads are going to be too dangerous to drive, school will be canceled and students and parents in the district will be notified as soon as possible. Should the decision to cancel school be undecided by the morning of, the district will have officials inspect the condition of local roads at 5AM, so people may be aware of the conditions before leaving their homes in the morning.

The district notifies four local news stations, KMBC-TV (9), KCTV-TV (5), KSHB-TV (41), and WDAF-TV (4) to air any cancellations, in addition to sending out emails and calls to staff, students, and parents of Smithville.


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