Mondays Matter brings awareness to mental health

Written by: James Larson

Most SHS students have noticed the green dots over the school and have been wondering what they’re for.  It turns out they are for our very own Mondays Matter program.

Figure headed by Dr. Platt, her and the rest of our administration tried to implement this program at the end of last year in honor of Elijah Starnes, and they’re giving it a second run this school year.  All the members of our administration are excited to get this program running and believe it will do wonders for the mental health of students at the high school.

“Sometimes people perceive Mondays as a dreary day, we have a lot of freedoms over the weekend and that gives Mondays a negative connotation. So Mondays Matter is another way to get kids excited about the school week starting,” said Mr. Schaffer when asked about what the goal of Mondays Matter is.

The school is trying to bring awareness to topics related to mental health, and they hope the message they put out during Mondays Matter will help to form a strong sense of community.

“There are several messages we like to present to the people to come, whether it be members of the student body, parents, or just members of the community anyone is welcome to come.  We will cover many topics through the year, some we have already covered are judgment and insecurities,” said Ms. Leary.

They hope these messages will go a long way to helping the mental health of the students here at SHS as more students continue to go to the Mondays Matter meetings.  A key component of Mondays Matter is the green dots that have been taped around the school.

“The green dots are a program we learned about through the Park Hill School District.  The green dot teachers have chosen to be a part of this program because they have expertise with certain problem teenagers may face.  That way we can send a student that may be struggling with a certain problem to that teacher,” said Platte about the purpose of the green dots.

There has been limited participation in the early stages of the year, but they hope to attract more students by incentivizing those who show up.  

Mondays Matter meets on Monday mornings at 7:00 am in the PAC every week for the rest of the school year and they hope for many more years to come.

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  1. Delaney Odneal March 6, 2019 at 4:08 pm - Reply

    I absolutely love the idea of this program! I feel like anyone in our school should have the right to be open to talking about these topics and this is the perfect opportunity for them to do so.

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