People Demand Action Locally and Globally with Climate Strike

By: Josi Billings

 On Friday, September 20th, people in the Kansas City area gathered and marched around the Plaza for the Greta Thunberg initiated climate strike. Over 400 people attended and marched, chanting and holding up signs, demanding action from leaders locally and globally relating to climate change. 

 The strike held at the Plaza was just one of the 4,500 strikes that were held globally. In total, 4 million people across 150 countries attended a strike in their city or a surrounding one. 

  The climate strike was first initiated by a 16-year-old activist named Greta Thunberg. Thunberg would sit alone outside of the Swedish Parliament every Friday during the school day. This simple act inspired students all around the world to take a stand, for what they stand on. 

  Currently, global sea levels are rising at alarmingly fast rates. New heat records are being made yearly. The ice sheets and glaciers are melting which inevitably is affecting species in the Arctic. There is more carbon dioxide in our air then there ever had been in 3 million years. 

  Without proper action, constant droughts, heat waves, and hurricanes could be our future. To stop all of this and make the changes we need to our world we would need $140 billion per year. $140 billion per year may sound like a lot but it’s less than 0.1% of the global GDP.

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