Pittenger’s History: Life in the Spotlight

21st Century Media Submission by: Abbygail Rushing

Video presented by: Smithville Media Network Broadcast Staff

Lights blinding you like mini suns, an audience all sitting on the edge of their seats eager to see their favorite childhood story come to life. Everyone’s watching you, waiting to see what you are going to do. For some people, this kind of pressure would crush them. This is where Dalton Pittenger thrives.

Middle school Dalton Pittenger stood there under the bright, sun-like lights before the director of a production of Alice In Wonderland. He never would have guessed that, that little audition, encouraged by two good friends of his, would ever lead him to where he is today, teaching the drama program at Smithville High School.

After the Alice in Wonderland production, Pittenger was enticed by the theatre realm. He continued to pursue his acting ambitions throughout high school and into college, and even now as an adult he still makes time to include himself in the theatre scene whenever he gets the chance. In fact, he will be directing another play this spring titled Leaving Iowa.

“I just sort of loved doing it and I never wanted to stop,” said Pittenger. “I had a really good teacher when I was in high school, and she inspired me. It’s what I felt in my heart of hearts that I needed to be doing.”

Pittenger, so far in his career, has been assistant director for six productions and has solo directed five performances. Leaving Iowa, which will be put on this coming spring, will be his sixth appearance as head director for a production.

“My favorite play I have ever done is definitely The Snoopy Musical, that we did in the fall,” said Pittenger. “It has, by far, been my favorite musical.”

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