2019 Seniors leave a legacy at SHS

By: Alyssa Laybourne

 On May 21 the class of 2019 walked their final steps at Smithville High school. Waiting for this moment since freshman year, the class is prepared for the future ahead of them. Whatever it may be, college, the workforce, or the military, these young adults are moving forward with their careers.

   “It is surreal yet it is bittersweet because one, I am excited to move on and start new things, but the other thing is that I am going to miss the people and the memories I have made here over the years,” said Noah Bonner, senior.

   Going through high school is not easy, but together this class has tackled the task at hand. On May 26th seniors walked their final steps as a high school student, being handed their diploma. The twelve years of schooling has prepared these students for life.

   “I kind of feel prepared for my future, but I also feel as if I just started. I don’t know what I want to go into for my major, but I am going for softball and I feel prepared for college in itself,” said Karington Kadel, senior.

   The 2019 class can be remembered for their amazing contribution to sports, outgoing personalities, and always stepping up when needed. After their years of high school, the 2019 class was always able to lend a helping hand when an underclassman needed it.

   “To all the underclass, you need to know that it is okay to step out of your comfort zone and be involved in anything you can and try new things because you meet new people and you become closer to people you would not normally think you would,” said Kadel.

   The 2019 class leaves high school prepared for the world ahead of them, fully equipped with the skills necessary for success. They have left a legacy here at Smithville High School that underclassman and staff won’t forget.

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