Smithville High School Teams up with American Red Cross for Annual Blood Drive

By: Kateland Ligon

Every year Smithville Highschool donates blood to the people who need it. It’s a great cause considering the epidemic that America is going through with blood shortages. It’s estimated that one and every seventh hospital has a shortage of blood.

“I do it so I can help people. I know that people need it more than me so I know it’s for a good cause”, said Teagan Klamm, junior.

A common misconception with giving blood is that it’s super painful and that you’re going to pass out, which is false. It’s proven that only 3% of people faint from giving blood and only 6% feel immediate pain, the rest stated that they only feel a pinch when they’re giving blood. “It was really quick. It was painless and easy so I just sat there”, said Isaac Miller, senior

If you’re considering donating blood but you felt like you missed the deadline don’t be discouraged there are many more opportunities to donate blood this year. June fourteenth is the annual blood donating day where you can donate blood at your local hospital including Saint Lukes right in Smithville. You can participate in it the next year when they come back to the highschool.

Before giving blood you have to make sure that you’re eligible for the activity. Things that make you ineligible are the following; under the age of 16, under the weight of 110 pounds, have HEP C or B or been in contact with anyone with those diseases or have anemia. If you don’t fall into any of those categories then go ahead and donate blood, it’s greatly appreciated.

“I have anemia so I wasn’t able to give blood this year and I was bummed out. I didn’t even know that I was anemic so hopefully, I can some other time. At least I can say that I tried,” said Bailey Bryant, senior.
Over 36,000 units of red blood cells are needed every day, so it’s greatly appreciated by everyone who took the time and dedication to donate blood this year.

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