Smithville Students Give Back to Their Community

Written by: DaVonna Nickerson

Once a month Vineyard Church and Smithville’s Interact club collaborate to provide their community with food, clothing, and other necessities.  

“I joined Interact because I love helping people and being involved in community service,” said Payton Bentsen, sophomore.

With over one hundred members, the Interact Club has lent a hand in numerous events held this month.

“We have helped organize the Warrior Closet here in Smithville, we have helped with the Street Fair, the Julia Bargman Run, we’ve played Bingo with the seniors, and I think that’s about it,” said Angie Sanders, math teacher

While Harvesters undoubtedly benefits many in the Smithville community and surrounding areas, Interact members also feel a sense of self-fulfillment as they help those in need.

“The activity that has given me the most personal satisfaction would Harvesters because I love creating the boxes and seeing how they [food recipients] feel when they get them.”

Participating in the club allows for students to have a hands-on experience in helping the less fortunate in their own community.

“Community service has had an effect on me because it’s helped me change my perspective and view things in another light. I now realize the struggles that people are going through and it has helped me become a better person,” said Emma Chevalier, Sophomore.

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  1. Angie Sanders March 13, 2019 at 5:59 pm - Reply

    Nice description of students working hard to make other’s lives better! Thanks for writing it DaVonna!

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