Spinning with Heart

By: Kateland Ligon

While some students pulled all-nighters Friday night, members of the Colorguard team had to rest up for their competition early the next day. Colorguard is a mix between traditional militaristic color guard, which raises flags, spins real rifles, and ballet or modern dance. Some students might know them as “flag-twirlers,” which makes many Colorguard members roll their eyes.
“I’m actually very happy with this season. It’s only my first one but I’m happy with the turnout,” said Cianna Hopkins, freshman.
The Colorguard team won 3 times in a row in their indoor competition. They’ve continued the tradition of getting first place in previous years. They’ve practiced countless hours every week to make this show great and performance-ready.
“I’ve been spinning for a while and it doesn’t get easier from here. I like our show, I think it portrays our guard in a good way,” said Laney Hancock, junior
The show is called “Breathing” with musical ad libs from Ariana Grande. The show portrays acts of breathing and letting go of the actions that hurt you negatively.
“Our team has been through a lot and we’ve grown so much so this show is definitely for us,” said Emily Newton, senior
The Colorguard team and marching band spent the last two weeks of summer at band camp. This meant being on the new turf field with the band during the hottest part of the day nine-hour days, five days a week, with an hour and a half breaks for lunch and dinner. They also spent 3 days at the school for 12 hours each day to learn and perfect the show. The Colorguard team works hard for its success and only strives for more. We hope to see more first-place trophies from them with their hard work and dedication.

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