Student Ghost Stories to Leave you with Goosebumps

By: Amanda Holt

When my parents first got a divorce my mom moved to an old farmhouse. It was really creepy and definitely haunted. One time I was sitting at my kitchen table and a staircase was on the side of me. I saw someone peeking out from around the door frame from my peripheral vision and I thought it was my brother but when I looked over no one was there. Ghost stories definitely give us the chills when they involve our friends and family. Here, Smithville students and staff share their encounters with ghostly presence.

DJ Fischer, Senior- “One Saturday night at around 2 A.M. I was at my friend’s house, and all the fans were off, the door was shut and locked, the windows were closed, as it was raining, and I was on the complete opposite side of the room away from her. I felt something tug on my sweatshirt sleeve. It didn’t happen again but it was pretty scary.”

Josie Martorana, Senior- “I was walking in a jungle area in Costa Rica, and it was the afternoon. I was looking for animals and I see this spider in a hole. I am not scared of spiders but he had a HUMAN face! He looked like the Face Stealer from Avatar the Last Airbender.”

Carlina Bogdon, Junior- “I live in the middle of nowhere so I have no neighbors. There was a family of four who lived a couple of miles away from my house. They were a married couple, their daughter, and their grandchild. While we were on vacation two years ago the baby daddy came home and massacred them. Even though I wasn’t home it was scary to think that it happened so close to home.

Kateland Ligion, Junior- “I was in 7th grade and I didn’t like scary things. My friends wanted to watch a scary movie, Paranormal Activity, and I didn’t have a good feeling about it. A scary part happens and as soon as it happens a curtain falls and a loud scream comes from someone who we couldn’t see who it was.”

Josi Billings, Sophomore- “I was sitting in my room by myself. My lamp was on and all of a sudden two of the bulbs burnt out, so I turned on my flashlight and when I turned around I saw an object by me and I had no idea what it was.”

Liam Wolfe, Senior- “My brother has always been convinced that there is a ghost in our house. Whenever I would go downstairs when I was little I would sprint up the stairs after turning off the lights. One time I pushed my brother over while running up the stairs and he screamed: “They got me”. He was acting like his knee was broken, but then he got up and pushed me over and locked me in the basement. I heard lots of weird noises.”

Alexis Small, Staff- “My family and I live in Smithville in a 110-year-old house and when we first moved in my daughter kept waking up every morning and telling us that people were talking to her in the night. Like she could hear an old woman talking in her head.”

Ella Lehman, Sophomore- “I saw a construction worker walked past my house. I don’t live in a neighborhood or anything and I never saw him again. I didn’t see a car in my yard or anywhere where he could have come from.”

David Branch, Junior- “One time I was asleep at home. I was completely under the covers because that’s how I sleep and when I got out from under them I saw a kid standing at the end of my bed. What makes it even weirder is that my mom told me she saw the same ghost standing at the end of her bed the same night I did.”


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